There are so many dating sites today that it can be difficult to gauge which ones are legit and which ones are not. Luckily, reviews like this can help you in making informed decisions on which dating sites to try. is one of these sites. It created a huge buzz when it first came out but some reviews mentioned several negative experiences. However, like every other dating site, they will only work if you do. That means there are some precautions you need to consider, and of course, you also need to be realistic with your expectations.

Having said that, we’ll be the first to say that is not a scam and it’s definitely a legit site. Why do we say this, you may ask? If you’re curious, please continue reading our review to see if signing up and trying it out is worth it.

What is

So what is in the first place? Well, it’s just like any other dating site but it has a focus on travel. It targets generous men or sugar daddies, and young, attractive women. The concept centers around traveling. Members of the site post about travel ideas and proposals, and you contact another member on the site and talk about traveling together.

It’s a dating site that targets singles who love to travel. It was created by Brandon Wade, who is also the CEO of other popular dating sites such as,, and He has been recognized as an online dating entrepreneur, giving you an idea about the people behind this site.

How Works

Now that you know what it’s about, let’s discuss how it works.

Step 1: Signing Up

Anyone between the ages of 18 to 50 years old can sign up for a membership on the site. Membership is free but there are some limitations. You simply add your email address, answer a few questions about yourself, and have your email verified. Once you’re verified, you can make your profile.

Step 2: Making Your Profile

Once you get verified, you can start making your profile, where you post 5 photos. This is for the free membership plan. There are several rules to what kind of photos you can post, and you can read the guidelines. Some rules include not posting about nudity, making sure your photos are recent, and that no other people are in the photo.

You can also make your description of yourself.

Step 3: Start Searching

You can either start searching or create a trip proposal or idea. Creating a trip idea can help other members find you better since several search options can help other members filter the search. Search options include upcoming trips, people near me, and top destinations.

Free memberships can access members’ profiles but the photos will be blurred. For females, all communication can be accessed, but for males, you must pay a fee to access conversations.

Step 4: Connect with a Match

If you find a match through trip proposals, you can start communicating with the member. All trip arrangements are made outside of so once you start communication, the website is out of the picture.

On your trip proposal or profile, you can choose three trip options: You pay for the trip, you someone to pay for your trip, or you split trip costs 50/50.

So basically, this is how works. You make a profile just like any other dating site but the only difference is you suggest trips that members would like to join, or you can also ask someone to join a trip with you.

Is Safe?

If you’re a sugar daddy, you can pay the site a fee to have your profile verified. Once you’re approved, your profile will be given a stamp of verification, and that gives you an edge over other generous men on the site.

For sugar babies, profiles with the verification stamp should be your first choice. And just like any other dating site, discretion will also depend on you. You should never meet a member of the site in another city or country. The site suggests the men should travel to you, and not you to them. If you want to meet them in another city or country, the site suggests you talk over Skype first so you can ensure the identity of the member.

Travel arrangements should also be met. If the members agree to book two rooms, they must fulfill this. Expectations of the trip must also be talked about before the members meet. This includes expenses, destinations, hotel bookings, and whether or not you’re traveling romantically, as new friends, or if there are expectations of physical intimacy.

The Bottom Line is a legit site and it works just like any other dating site except for the travel feature. It is perfect for young women who love traveling but don’t have the money to do so, and for generous men who have money who want some company when they travel for vacation or business.

This is not like sugar daddy websites where the target market is mostly rich men and young sugar babies. has a fair share of young men, young women, older men, and older women, so it has a diverse membership with plenty of attractive members.

The key to making the site work is to ensure you’re safe, you verify the identity of the person you’re talking to, and that expectations are duly discussed before meeting and traveling together.