A misconception that sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are only for women. Similarly, younger women receive the guidance and support they can’t get from more youthful, less mature individuals.

Allow me to introduce you to Secret Benefits. Sugar babies and sugar daddies all across the world use Secret Benefits, so we thought we’d check it out.

Our Secret Benefits review can help you decide whether or not you’ll enjoy using this sugar daddy website.

Is it eally worth it?

Secret Benefits is a great option if you’re a man looking for a younger companion in exchange for your unique qualities. It may seem expensive at first, but we enjoy that the credit purchasing method is not a regular payment. And with items costing as little as ten credits, your money goes a long way.

In addition, Secret Benefits is a terrific site for ladies who are curious about the Sugar Baby lifestyle. Enrollment in the program is quick, and the website is easy to use. There is no cost to the ladies, and they can see which males are perusing the galleries at any given time.

Who are Secret Benefits beneficial to?

  • Sugar Babies are looking for the best men in one spot.

Don’t join sites where there are more guys than women, Sugar Daddies!

  • Anyone looking for a new experience in a romantic relationship.

Whom Secret Benefits may not be beneficial

  • Singles under the age of 18
  • Younger ladies who aren’t interested in dating older males.
  • The Sugar Baby lifestyle is not for men who can’t handle it.

The Benefits and Drawbacks 


A specific photo verification mechanism has been implemented to maintain the network free of bots and scammers.

  • Sugar Babies can get the app for free!
  • The credits mechanism eliminates the need for a monthly subscription.
  • It’s quick and straightforward to verify an account.


  • Mobile apps aren’t available; instead, you’ll need to view the website.
  • In comparison to other sites, the search features are somewhat limited.
  • At the moment, video chat is not available.

What are Secret Benefits? connects lonely men and women interested in the sugar dating lifestyle to each other (think sugar daddies, sugar mommas, sugar babies, etc.). Since its inception in 2015, the dating service has been available on desktop and mobile devices. However, no mobile apps are available for users to download.

Unlike some regular dating sites (and many sugar daddy websites), does not charge a subscription fee and instead uses a credit system to unlock the interactions you want.

Paid Memberships start at $59.00 per month on a credit-based system.

The App’s Most Important Features:

Over 100,000 people utilize the site every week.

The United States alone has over 700,000 registered users.

There are no recurring monthly fees to ensure your privacy.

The website first went up in 2015 and already had a sizable following.

Overview of the Secret Benefits Features

Secret Benefits hasn’t had many bells and whistles because it is a simple tool. However, while reading the site, we uncovered a few interesting tidbits:

Private Photo and Video Galleries

Sugar Babies have the option of setting up a secret album on their page to house their media. It takes ten credits to watch this album, but it offers a peek of the mystery woman. This element lends a feeling of mystery to the site’s interactions, which we appreciate.

System of Verification

Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship requires vigilance in avoiding scams and catfish. Buying a fake is a waste of effort and money, and no one likes it. On the other hand, Secret Benefits provides a simple and convenient option for both parties in the dating pool to verify that they are who they claim to be.

Anyone does not have to pay a monthly fee.

It’s excellent that Sugar Babies can use the site for free! We like, however, that Sugar Daddies do not have to pay a monthly fee but instead purchase credits. As a result, purchases and spending are kept under check.

Singles’ Quality at Secret Benefits

Since we’d seen so many Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy websites before, our expectations were low: lots of dads, no infants. We were wrong. Conversely, the number of people using Secret Benefits appears to be evenly distributed on both sides.

Sugar Babies are attracted to the platform since the entire procedure is free, and men are attracted to the site because it does not require a regular membership. As a result, the user base has grown vast, engaged, and high-quality.

How to Become a Member of Secret Benefits

Signing up is quick and easy; however, it takes some time!

An email address, username, and password are required, and a location, age, body type, and ethnicity, for example.

Upload a minimum of six images without any editing or text.

Once you’ve figured out what you’re looking for in a Sugar Daddy, it’s time to put pen to paper and write a bit of yourself, a catchphrase, and why you’d make an excellent Sugar Baby.

Your phone number and four other “secret” photos must also be added to the account as part of the process. However, if you are a male, the process is more complicated. You must first provide your email address, username, password, age, and ethnicity before you can upload a photo.

A picture isn’t required to complete registration, unlike Sugar Babies. After that, you’ll be required to provide some background information about yourself, including a brief bio.

That’s all there is to it!

To what extent are the benefits of using Secret Benefits?

Men must buy credits to communicate with women via this site. According to the table above, the credits cost as follows:

Total Credits by Membership Type

The cost of membership

Introductory offer of $100 for a total of $59

Total of $169 for the Elite 500

Best Buy: $1,000 ($289 total)

Options for Customer Support

Customer service choices at Secret Benefits are somewhat limited. However, you can resolve most problems

 by going to the website’s help page. In addition, a contact form on Secret Benefits’ website is available if anyone is still in need of assistance.

Many customers have praised the speedy response time of customer service, and male customers can use their credits to pay for more expensive levels of customer service.

You may be wondering if Secret Benefits is the best sugar baby dating app or the most amazing sugar daddy dating app for you. The only way to know for sure is to put it to the test yourself!


Verifying My Secret Benefits Account Has What?

Verified users are more frequently interacted with on the site since they are more reliable.

How do I know if my Secret Benefits account has been activated or not?

In only a few seconds, you can confirm your Secret Benefits account’s authenticity. For starters, select “get verified” after selecting your profile photo in the upper right corner of your page. Then, to complete the verification process, you’ll need to initiate a video chat with a moderator from this screen. The entire procedure takes around a minute to complete.

How long does it take to get a photo verified?

You should allow up to 48 hours for the verification process to complete.

Is it true that sexual relationships have concealed advantages?

No! Many users are looking for non-sexual interactions such as companionship, mentoring, and so on. Be honest about the kind of connection you’re searching for while building your profile.

Who Has Access to My Confidential Photographs?

In exchange for their money, sugar daddies can view the pictures you’ve locked away. A list of people who have access to your photos may be found under the “access” tab on the website.

Why aren’t my pictures being accepted?

In exchange for their money, sugar daddies can view the pictures you’ve locked away. A list of people who have access to your photos may be found under the “access” tab on the website.

  • In addition, photos of your most recent appearance are required.
  • There is no sexual content or nudity.
  • There are no apparent logos, characters, or other visuals that could be construed as copyrighted content on clothing.
  • On the shot, there is no inscription of any type.
  • There are no portrayals of drug usage or any illicit objects or activities.
  • Hand gestures that are indecent or insulting are not permitted.