1. How to become a sugar baby?

  • Find a suitable sugar daddy website.

    If you are a college student, Seeking is the best sugar daddy website for you. You can sign up with your .edu email address and enjoy full access to all premium functions for free. It is also the largest sugar daddy website with over 40 million members from 139 countries, and the male to female ratio is 1:4. For non-student sugar babies, the premium membership only costs $19.99 per month, which is still affordable.

  • Create your account and set up your dating profile.

    It is important to complete your dating profile, write a bit about yourself, and upload more photos to showcase your sexy figure and beautiful smile to attract more sugar daddies. Better if you can get your identity/photo verified to show that you are real and serious. If you are worried about privacy issues, you can upload photos to the private album and only grant access to potential sugar daddies that you like.

    Don’t ask for money in bio. Leave all details to be discussed offline or take it to other communication apps to avoid your account being suspended by Seeking. Not sure how to write the bio? Below is an example:

    Hello, I am a 21 year old college student looking for someone to have a great time with.
    Let’s plan some date$$!
    I get straight to the point, I am not here to waste time 😃

  • Search and browse local sugar daddies in your area.

    You can narrow down search results with filters to find exactly what you want. Sugar daddy websites allow you to filter by age, gender, location/distance, ID/photo verified, with photos, premium members, income level, body type, drinking & smoking habits, ethnicity, educational level, with children or not, relationship status, and appearance like eye color, hair color, etc.

  • Initiate conversations.

    Add to favorites or send a message to potential sugar daddies and let them know you are interested. Some sugar daddy websites allow you to initiate conversations for free and sugar daddies need to become a premium member to read and reply. Some sugar daddy websites require a premium membership to initiate communication.

  • Exchange phone number or other communication apps to stay in touch.

    It’s better to take the conversations off to other communicating apps like Skype, Kik, or WhatsApp and negotiate details about your arrangement. Sometimes sugar daddy websites monitor in-site messages and chats to automatically block spammers and scammers, so use your account carefully.

  • Go for a M&G (meet & greet)

    Meet for coffee or meet at any public place to ensure you are safe and see if you are comfortable or getting along well with your potential sugar daddy. If both of you want to continue, it’s time to settle down details like how much allowance you will receive per month/week/meet, how often shall you meet, etc. Some sugar daddies will bring you a gift for the M&G or pay your gas money for driving to meet him. Usually a M&G is not a date, so no sex at the M&G.

2. How to spot scammers?

Scammers typically create multiple accounts on sugar daddy websites and send the same message to many different sugar babies with little or no personalization. The scammer’s payment is not real! Your bank may allow you to deposit it, or your credit card might say payment received but the payment will not clear. Your bank will hold you responsible for the entire amount.

In the case of a PayPal payment, the scammer will either send a fake PayPal confirmation email or pay with a fraudulent payment source. Whether you return the “overpayment” via PayPal or a wire transfer service such as Western Union or Money Gram, you will still be held responsible for all of the money involved. Below are some signs of scams:

  • Use odd phrases or strange formatting in the conversation.
  • Say they are a traveling businessperson out of the country.
  • Want to send you money before you meet.
  • Ask for your bank login information, credit card login information, or offer you their bank account information to pay off debt, etc.
  • Asks you to purchase gift cards and give him/her the code on the back before the money has cleared.
  • Wants to put you on his payroll.
  • He can only send allowance through some obscure mechanism — bitcoin, blockchain, discovery account, etc.
  • He’s looking for platonic, but wants to send large sums to you.
  • He’ll start sending you a large allowance, but you need to send him a little money first to verify you are real and establish trust.
  • He shows you screenshots of his bank accounts and/or transfers he’s made to previous SBs. He sends you a video of his former SBs saying that he’s paid them. He volunteers to let you talk to his previous SBs. Any sort of validation of the fact that he’s made transfers before is a scam, no legit SD would ever do this.
  • He’s going to pay you an allowance but allowance won’t start until the middle or end of the month (he’s going to collect his month of free sex and then ghost)
  • You try to discuss allowance and he shames you for being a prostitute, “I thought you were different”, etc.
  • He sends you pictures of money.
  • Man claiming to be an SD randomly approaches you on Instagram.

3. How to talk about money & negotiate allowance?

75% of the sugar babies prefer to talk about money and negotiate allowance before the M&G to avoid wasting time with the wrong person. Do not have sex before you figure out the finance. If it seems like he’s trying to “win” the negotiation and get the best deal possible, that’s not a great sign. If a sugar daddy isn’t making the topic of money comfortable for you, that’s a red flag.

The average sugar baby receives $3000 per month, $600 per week, or $100-$200 per meet. Many sugar babies prefer PPM (pay per meet) because it matches effort and money for both sides.