If you have ever visited online dating websites and wondered what’s with all the sugar daddy websites popping up all over the place, this article should help. Sugar daddy websites are online dating sites where men who are financially better off get matched with women, who are looking for a way to take care of their financial needs and in exchange do things like give companionship or sex, depending on what the couple agrees upon from the beginning. If you’re interested in trying one of these websites out, read on for some tips on how to find your perfect sugar daddy on sugar daddy websites.

1) Be realistic about age preferences.

The sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship works best if you understand what’s realistic. While some sugar babies are just looking for a meaningful connection, others are hoping their sugar daddy is as rich as they say they are, and while some older men may be married and looking for an emotional connection and not necessarily someone who’ll clean their houses or take care of their children, other wealthy men may be looking for women much younger than them. Sugar daddy websites take various steps to ensure members are real people, but it doesn’t hurt to realize that your 50-year-old sugar daddy might want someone closer in age. You can choose what’s right for you and filter accordingly.

2) Avoid lying or being false.

Sugar daddy websites aren’t dating sites, and there’s no need to lie about who you are. The idea of meeting with strangers from an app can be scary, so if you start telling white lies in your profile or messaging conversations just to get more interest from men (or women), it will backfire. Focus on showing your authentic self, sharing who you are, and setting updates based on mutual interests and chemistry. If things go well, sugar daddies can become relationships (and vice versa!). If not, at least you found out sooner rather than later, while there were still other matches available.

3) Don’t let a bad first experience discourage you.

Sugar daddy websites aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. Some are populated by men who just want sexual favors or money, some aren’t looking for long-term relationships, even if they call themselves dating sites. Many sugar daddies sign up with multiple sugar daddy websites at once and act like swipers on Tinder. However, there are reputable sugar daddy websites out there and you should not let your first experience discourage you from finding one that works well for you. For example, sugar babies will find a sugar daddy website that fits their interests. So, before signing up anywhere make sure you read reviews and evaluate security measures – safety is a top priority when it comes to meeting someone new online.

4) Set boundaries early on.

Many sugar babies express frustration at feeling taken advantage of by sugar daddies. If you set boundaries early on, you can protect yourself from being exploited. For example, decide how many dates per week you’re willing to go on and how much money you’re willing to spend each month. You might also want to think about creating rules around what kinds of gifts are acceptable, and which ones aren’t. Maybe you don’t want expensive jewelry, but maybe your daddy needs to know that he can’t send you bouquets every other day if he wants something more than just companionship from his baby.

5) Look beyond pictures and profiles.

If you’re using an established sugar daddy website, you may be tempted to just cruise around looking at profiles and pictures. There’s nothing wrong with that, you could certainly meet someone nice that way, but to find your ideal sugar daddy, you might want to use a more systematic approach. Look for sugar daddies with similar interests as you, or who seem like they have great personalities. For example, if you love playing tennis and swimming, it might be helpful to find sugar daddies who enjoy those activities too. If all of your prospects seem less than ideal when you look at their profiles and photos, don’t give up!

6) Know what men expect when looking for Sugar Babies.

For example, men who look for sugar babies are generally looking for someone submissive who is willing to let them take control in a relationship. While most of these men may not be looking for a traditional submissive woman, most people don’t want an equal partner. This means you should have realistic expectations and your appearance should play into that expectation as well. Don’t expect any man will treat you like his equal, if he’s only looking for someone inferior he won’t see you that way either.


If you’re looking for a sugar daddy, chances are you need financial assistance. But sugar babies and sugar daddies also provide companionship and sexual enjoyment. Both partners have something that they can offer to one another. You should feel secure in these relationships as long as you choose someone who treats you well and doesn’t take advantage of your financial situation.