In the wake of COV-19, people are turning more and more to online dating websites and apps to find the partner of their dreams. The online dating market is bigger than it has ever been. People use these apps for convenience and because going out and meeting people the traditional way has become increasingly difficult over the past few years. One such relationship type that has always been difficult to pursue is the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. It’s not exactly socially acceptable to walk up to a woman and ask, “Hey, would you be interested in being with me if I give you an allowance?”. And vice versa for women, you can’t just purpose to a man that you want to be with him, but only if he has money. This is why sugar daddy websites are so useful: they cut out the fluff and get straight to the point. These are websites where men and women can pursue relationships of this type without being judged. One such website is Let’s look at some of the features this website has to offer.


One of the first things people will notice when searching for websites to sign-up for is how much a membership costs. Compared to other websites that offer similar services, is relatively cheap. For starters, you can get a free trial and can browse; making sure you like what you see before committing to anything. To message people, you will have to get a paid member, which will vary in price, depending on what type of package you purchase. It costs 33.99 for a month, but this price can change if you purchase 3 months at a time – 22.66 a month, 6 months – 19.83 a month, or a full year – 16.99 a month. These packages are an excellent investment if you plan on using the site for a while.


To ensure the highest quality, and to make sure your time as a member isn’t being wasted, monitors all profiles on the site and requires its members to put in specific detail about themselves. This is a significant feature in the online dating world because so many dating sites today are full of scammers and bots; you know that you are only dealing with real people. Every profile must be approved before it’s put up on the site.

No advertising or Auto-Renewals 

Another prominent feature of is that there are no ads or no auto-renewals. Often with dating apps, not only do they have auto-renewals, but it’s hard to figure out how to turn them off, and you get stuck paying for an extra month. The fact that they don’t have auto-renewals shows they are a trustworthy business; they believe in their product. And with no advertising, you won’t be wasting your time watching ads you have no interest in. This gives you more time to browse and find the partner of your dreams.

The Male to Female Ratio

As with most sugar daddy websites, there are much more women than there are men. This is good news for the men – who can have their pick of the litter, a wide array of hot young babes – but isn’t good for the women. It can be competitive for females trying to find a partner that matches their needs. Wealthy men are highly sought after, so women will have to take their best pictures and write a bio that stands out to separate themselves from the crowd.

Ease of Use

Overall, is pretty easy to use. The search function is straightforward and allows you to search by ethnicity, body type, and hair color. All the women have their age listed (whether or not they are lying is up for debate), so you can pick women on how young or old you want them. The messaging system works well, and the system isn’t glitchy, so you aren’t likely to miss any messages or opportunities to chat with potential partners.

They also have forums where you can chat with the community on a variety of topics. These are more casual and are a great place to chat with like-minded and interesting individuals.