If you’re into the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating lifestyle, you may be familiar with the site Seeking. Recently, the website repositioned from “arrangement” to “dating up.”

But what’s the reason behind this change? If you’re curious about what dating up is and the current position of Seeking, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s review its history and what they do now.

What is Seeking?

Seeking is an online website that aims to improve your dating lifestyle, making it easier to connect with others that seek a romantic connection.

Users on Seeking must be upfront about what they want from a date or relationship. Is it companionship, money, just having a good time? It doesn’t matter what people want, but they should come clean to bond with others on the same page.

How was Seeking born?

Brandon Wade (Seeking’s founder and CEO) struggled with confidence and girls back in high school. His mother offered him a piece of advice that stuck with him. He should focus on school and don’t worry about dating, as one day he would be successful, and the girls would fight over him.

Brandon went to study at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He got employed at large companies like Microsoft. That’s where he realized that successful, wealthy men don’t have as much time to invest in romantic relationships.

He also noticed that looks were all that mattered in dating sites like Match.com. No one seemed to look for deeper and more meaningful relationships. That’s when he decided to make a change.

He coded a website he named SeekingArrangement. He wanted others to be honest and upfront about what they wanted out of a date or relationship. This new concept became a huge hit, making sugar baby and sugar daddy dating mainstream.

Why did the company change its name?

As SeekingArrangement gained popularity, the term began to acquire a negative connotation. Many people, including Brandon himself, believed that love did not exist, that success with women came from money.

That’s why the concept of sugar dating began to be seen as prostitution and stigmatized many users who were only looking for a sincere relationship.

Advocacy groups also used the term to dictate how relationships should and shouldn’t be. Long story short, the initial meaning of the website was gone. Brandon had a different idea in mind when he coded the website, and things needed to change.

The first step the company took was gathering feedback from users. Then they could decide what changes to implement into the site. SeekingArrangement shortened its name to Seeking, as many believed it was synonymous with the company.

On the other hand, the company decided to move away from sugar daddy and sugar baby terms. Instead, it now focuses on non-transactional principles of dating up. As a result, users will see community and public changes through education.

But what is dating up?

You might be as confused as we were when the website announced the change. What is exactly dating up? Why are they making these changes?

The truth is that arrangement dating is not reputable for some people. They see sugar babies as prostitutes that sell themselves for money and think it’s a dangerous idea for young people. 

For example, Apple and Google stores have sexual policy contents that reject sugar dating applications. Therefore, they ban apps that use the term sugar dating. Google won’t even accept sugar dating websites on their Ads.

That’s partly the reason Seeking decided to rebrand itself. 

Dating up

As stated on its website, Seeking wants to upgrade your relationship with others. The founders realize how difficult it is to form meaningful connections nowadays and make an extra effort to help users with this.

Seeking wants to offer everyone a chance. Are you looking for a meaningful romantic relationship or something more discrete? Maybe what you want is affection and being taken care of. There’s something for every user.

The company knows some people match your preferences and relationship values. They want to help you get in touch with them.

Once you are honest about what you want and need, keep an open mind and leave judgment behind, you’ll appreciate the wonderful people out there. Together, you can upgrade each other’s relationship’s expectations.

Upgrade your emotional life

Seeking encourages you to ask intentional questions and discover more about the person on the other side of the screen. It can be hard to bond with others in such a fast-paced and sometimes shallow world.

Dating up is a concept for people who are tired of being a product on sites like Tinder. It’s about getting to know the other person and sharing joyful moments together. Maybe your ideal plan is to go on vacation to the Maldives. Or perhaps you’d rather stay at home and enjoy cava. It’s up to you and your date, and you should have the option to meet exciting, new people.

Help each other grow

Once you find someone you’re comfortable with and who is on the same page as you, help them grow. Love is about becoming better people with our partners and always supporting each other.

Make plans and define goals together, support each other through rough times, stay positive, and always respect the other party. This ensures a loving, healthy relationship like you never had one before.

What do users think of Seeking now?

This might be one of the major drawbacks. The site was originally an arrangement website, so many users still think of it as a sugar daddy dating site.

New users attracted to dating up and finding true love might encounter these veterans and feel uncomfortable. Maybe they’re “vanilla” and seek companionship, whereas the other person is more straightforward and even offers an exchange.

That’s why there are some bad reviews on the app stores. Some girls feel men treat them like objects, and are upset about it. Seeking is making an effort to switch the mentality of users and help them seek deeper connections.

But this may take a while. In the meantime, most users are satisfied with the website, and some have already found love. If you’re specifically looking for a sugar baby or daddy, know that you can still do it on the website, especially with veterans that know the history behind the switch to dating up.